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Google Apps for Work is now called G Suite. And there’s NEVER been a better time to move your business to the cloud than today. The team at Get Digital Flow, a Google Cloud Partner, are here to walk you through the process of getting onto G Suite and making the most of it with your team.

We love working with small businesses to move to G Suite and specialise in working with teams of up to 20.

With G Suite, you can run your business from any device, anywhere in the world. Why not begin your journey to the cloud today and save the time, money and heartache of switching later?

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a fully hosted email, contact, calendaring and file storage system (plus so much more) for your business. Whether you are a sole trader or a growing team of 20, G Suite scales beautifully to meet your business requirements well into the future.

Instead of attempting to get set up on your own, we highly recommend working with a reliable professional services provider to ensure that the fresh setup or transition from your previous email provider goes smoothly. There are a lot of things to consider when moving your data smoothly, and we’ve seen a lot of businesses lose crucial information when it was 100% preventable.

We walk you through the process of embracing the core G Suite tools below to maximise productivity in your business:


Never delete an email again with Gmail.


Chat on Hangouts with your team from anywhere in the world.


Store your contacts securely and sync with your mobile device.


Complete file storage with syncing to your computer.


Chat on Hangouts with your team from anywhere in the world.

Admin Console

Get access to a full service admin console to manage your users.


Create a closed intranet and share processes with your team.


Collaborate with your team live on any document, spreadsheet or presentation.

We have set up G Suite for over 100 small businesses in Australia

Will your business be next? Watch the video to to find out more about how G Suite can catapult your business as you access your information from any device, anywhere in the world.

Amazing organisation.

Did you know that G Suite links in natively with Google Analytics and Google Search Console? This means you only have to log into one (1) account to have access to statistics on all of your web properties.

Our unique process

The process to move to G Suite depends on which track you take. There are two options for you to read about before you enquire about a quote:

Starting from scratch

Startup Track

This track is specifically for businesses that are in the startup phase and do not have any existing emails, contacts, calendars or files to be moved into the cloud.

If you are starting from scratch, the process can be relatively straightforward. We assist with the setup of G Suite. There are a few factors that are considered in the cost:

  • How many users you will require
  • Whether or not you would like training

Moving from another provider (most common)

Migration Track

This track is specifically for businesses that have email, contacts, calendars or files stored already (on their computer or a server) and need to make sure this information is accessible in the cloud.

Moving from another provider is always a bit more complex, and requires more time. We will need to assist with not only the setup, but also the migration of your data. Cost considerations:

  • How many users you will require
  • What mail platform you are switching from (Microsoft 365, in-house exchange or mail from GoDaddy or Crazy Domains)
  • What format your current contacts are in
  • What format your current calendars are in
  • Whether or not you require full file storage migration or if you will do some of this on your own
  • Whether or not you would like training

If you are taking the migration track, we assist you with both the setup and migration of your data, in addition to training you and your team of course! Once we better understand your needs, we will provide you with a custom migration plan. A sample process for a business that doesn’t require file storage migration is below:

G Suite Migration Process

G Suite costs $50.00 + GST per year, per account. This amount is the same with us and paying directly with Google. We can also assist you with adding on optional backup and additional file management capabilities for your business.

Extend G Suite

Our team can help you to get set up on a few other amazing tools at the same time we get you going on G Suite. When you request a quote, select the tools you’re keen on and we will provide you with a full service quote. A few of the most popular tools our customers choose are below!


Keep yourself and your team on task with the leading project & task management software that’s totally free for up to 15 users.


Store all of your passwords in one place, with one sign on and dual authentication for security.


Build out your entire website in WordPress using this visual, front end theme.

Start your cloud journey today

We provide no obligation quotes to move your business to G Suite. Fill in our checklist and our team will get back to you within one (1) business day. You are also entitled to a 20 minute phone consultation to ensure that we have captured your needs effectively.

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